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Top 10 Reasons Why Chess is Better than Sex

chess pic

10)  A good game can last 7 hours or more.

9)   There are billions of different mating positions.

8)   You can’t catch a disease from chess.

7)   Ugly players still get to mate.

6)   You won’t get arrested for playing chess in public.

5)   No one ever complains that you’re moving too fast.

4)   You can record your moves and post them on your blog.

3)   You don’t have to cuddle with your opponent after a game.

2)   As soon as you finish your game, you’re ready for another one.

1)   You can play chess with that 19-year-old copper toned, brunette barista at the Starbucks downtown on 8th Street while your wife watches.


4 comments on “Top 10 Reasons Why Chess is Better than Sex

  1. blunderprone
    November 23, 2008

    well, about #8… depends on if the kid your playing is sneezing and coughing before touch YOUR pieces. When that happens, I take out a bottle of Purell.

    I caught wind of your blog through my amigo, chess loser. Feel free to check my site out.

  2. wang
    November 27, 2008

    Well blunder I don’t think a cold qualifies as a disease but point taken.

    Mr. Brown, I agree with all of the above mentioned points. One question I don’t quite know if you are a HS or College teacher. If you are a HS or below educator you may want to delted my entries as my blog is rated NC-17, it’s not pornographic, it’s just that I have a potty mouth at time.

  3. robertdaylin
    November 27, 2008

    Greetings Wang, and welcome to my blog. I delete absolutely NO entries here. Feel free to comment whenever you like, and I’ll check out your blog as well (I’m a huge chess enthusiast.) By the way, I work in a college now, but I used to teach six years of high school.
    –Mr. Brown

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