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Why The Onion is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

For those of you who are completely clueless, there is a “news” network that has been around for years called “The Onion.”  (For more info, go to  Like all satire, the Onion’s “news” is not simply presented as humor for humor’s sake, but the news items have a bite to them…a sting that carries a whiff of truth to the humor.

Now, I surround myself with fairly intelligent people, and most of them have heard of the Onion and they are in on the joke that the Onion is filled with fake news stories.  But a couple Fridays ago, one of the professors here at CHC told me that a student of his tried to cite an Onion news story as a reference.

After I finished laughing the broccoli cheese soup out of my nose, it occurred to me that an unsuspecting student who happened to type a topic such as “world dictators” into Google search might come up with this:

How is a student to know the difference?

I suppose that if a student who has never heard of The Onion stumbled upon it for the first time, it would be confusing if that particular student did not already have a varied sense of humor (or have never been exposed to satire.)

So, class, in my ongoing quest to educate the world, your lesson today on satire is delivered via the following visual aids.   View and discuss.


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