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I Swear…God is Playing with Me

Okay…the saga continues…

Wheel of Fortune pic

For those of you keeping track, I went to the Casino Morongo last night to try out for Wheel of Fortune.  After not being able to go because of the Albuquerque conference at the beginning of the month, I figured I would search for the next time the Wheelmobile would be in southern California.

As you saw on the last post, I found a posting from the Wheel of Fortune producers that they would be at the Morongo Casino on March 30.  Fantastic!  That casino is only 20 minutes from my job.

So I drove on down to Morongo Casino to try out for the Wheel of Fortune.  I was excited…I left work early and everything.  When I drove up to the place, I couldn’t see any Wheelmobile or anything like that, so I figured they must be inside in one of the banquet rooms.

I drove up to the parking structure and told the attendant why I was here and if he could be so kind as to direct me to the closest parking lot to all the Wheel of Fortune action.  He had no idea of what I was talking about.  He said no one told him of any Wheel of Fortune tryouts happening at the casino, but there was a large convention room in the casino where that kind of stuff takes place.

So I parked and walked inside to the room.  “That’s strange,” I thought.  “There is no line out here at all.  Maybe I’m the first one here.  Cool.”  So I peeked inside the room.


“Hmm…” I thought.

I went to find one of the security folk to explain why I was there.  He had no idea of what I was talking about.  He asked one of the other staff members if he knew of any Wheel of Fortune tryouts, but he didn’t know anything either.

My first thought was “Boy, they hire some complete morons here at MorongoCasino .”  Then I figured I would call Ginger back at the job to check the website again to double-check that I got the location right.  I told her that I just used Google to search, and she eventually found the website I had looked at.  She read the site and confirmed that the Wheelmobile would be at the Morongo Casino on March 30…

THURSDAY March 30.

I asked her what did she mean by Thursday March 30…March 30 is on a Monday, not Thursday.  She said that she didn’t know…she just read what I told her to read.

Here’s the site so you could see for yourself:

Well after walking around the Morongo Casino for a while, I decided that I screwed something up and I’ll figure it all out at home.

It turns out that I was looking at an old Sony Pictures posting of the Wheelmobile schedule…from 2006.  So I missed the tryout…by three years.

This whole Wheel of Fortune thing is starting to get to me.  At first I was interested in trying out…Now I’m obsessed with getting myself on the show.

UPDATE:  Click here for post 4 in the Wheel of Fortune saga…



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