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Gray vs. Grey

Which squares are gray, and which are grey?

This morning, Donovan and I were talking about the gray blanket…and I spelled it for him…G-R-A-Y.  Then I told him that some people spell it G-R-E-Y.  Out of boredom (and the convenience of having the laptop right here on my lap), I decided to type “gray vs. grey” into a Google search.

What I found was this interesting post created four years ago by someone named Bernie Zimmermann.  The interesting thing about his post is not necessarily his explanation of the difference in spelling (although it was useful to read about).

No…the most interesting thing is that I didn’t realize until now exactly how many people have troubled themselves over this issue.  For such a small post, there are HUNDREDS of comments.  The first comment was posted in May of 2004…the most recent comment (as of this writing) was posted last week on April 15, 2010.

I have never seen so many people tell their stories of how they were chastised as kids for spelling gray/grey incorrectly.

Anyhow…one of life’s problems SOLVED.  Now for solving the world’s more pressing problems…like global warming, world hunger, educational equity, and why Lady Gaga is so popular.


2 comments on “Gray vs. Grey

  1. robertdaylin
    April 20, 2010

    It’s the cardinal rule of blogging. If you want to receive comments, you have to leave comments. There’s also this whole thing about Search Engine Optimization and statistics and boring stuff like that, but the best way to drive traffic to your site is by exploring the web and finding other blogs.

    As for why Lady Gaga is popular, the only explanation I can offer is that she is from another planet and aliens have always been popular.

  2. Karen
    April 20, 2010

    That’s pretty funny. It looks like you commented on your own blog. Didn’t realize I was logged in as you!

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