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My Favorite Childhood Book

This is post #2 in my Writer’s Block series.  For a bit more info, click HERE.

Writer’s Block – Prompt #2: “Rediscover a childhood favorite.  What was the book that first attracted you to reading?”

Tara decided to buy a box of Cap’n Crunch cereal for Donovan a few days ago.  This morning, after sleeping in for a very long time, I woke to a beautifully bright Saturday morning, and thought, “I would love a bowl of Cap’n Crunch.”  After eating the cereal, and slurping the milk, I opened the Writer’s Block book to the page asking me to rediscover a childhood favorite.

Serendipitous coincidence.

It was no secret that my all-time favorite book as a kid was the Encyclopedia Brown series.  I read every book I could get my hands on.  I would search for them in the library, and when I read each of those, I’d search a different library for more Encyclopedia Brown books.  I ordered some (maybe just one or two) Encyclopedia Brown books through those Scholastic book drives that all the elementary schools had.  The unique thing about the books were that they were broken into small short stories with clever “kid-size” mysteries that tested our critical thinking in a fun way.  They had memorable characters like Bugs Meany and his gang (the Tigers), and Sally Kimball (the only kid who could beat up Bugs Meany.  I liked Sally…she reminded me a lot of a girl I went to school with named Jennifer Van Wie).

These books got me hooked in ways that the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books never could.  I liked how the Encyclopedia Brown books constantly required me to think and pay attention to every detail.  I was not a “flip to the back of the book for the answer” type of kid.  I wanted to solve the mysteries myself…and that forced me to re-read critically.

It was also cool to see a 10-year-old white suburban kid named Leroy Brown.  (I have an uncle named Leroy Brown, by the way.)

What childhood favorites did you have?  Feel free to post comments below.


One comment on “My Favorite Childhood Book

  1. Karen
    June 20, 2010

    I never read Encyclopedia Brown, but my brother did.

    As far as mystery series go, I loved the Hardy Boys (WAY better than Nancy Drew) and Trixie Belden.

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