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My Dream Car

This is post #3 in my Writer’s Block series.  For a bit more info, click HERE.

Writer’s Block – Prompt #3: “Write a description of your dream car.”

Okay, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought.  I’ve narrowed my options to two different vehicles, but I can’t quite choose.  Maybe you readers can help me choose by making your case in the comments section.

Dream Car Choice #1:  The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile

It’s a hot dog on wheels…need I say more?  Yeah?  Okay I’ll say more.

The Wienermobile turns heads wherever it goes because it’s so huge and it’s filled with food.  The inside probably has that new hot dog smell (mmm….new hot dog smell…)  Kids chase after the ice cream truck, but I think it’s only because the Wienermobile doesn’t fit quite well down suburban streets.  And for that reason, Oscar Mayer has created the MiniWiener…

Cute, huh?  It probably serves those little mini-corn dogs or maybe pigs in a blanket.  Instead of the “Music Box Dancer” blasting from ice cream trucks, I’d update the music choice…maybe “Eat It” by Weird Al.

Dream Car Choice #2: The Wheelmobile

Now, this one might need some explanation.  My adventures chasing the Wheelmobile have soured me a little toward the show.  (For those who need some background on my attempts to get on the show, click here.)

The Wheelmobile travels from city to city, and it has a makeshift stage and puzzle board.  People show up in huge numbers show up to the Wheelmobile events to try their luck at auditioning for the show.

I have been chasing the Wheelmobile for over a year now, and if I could, I would drive it.  That way I would always know where it’s going to be.  I would be in charge of the destinations…”Let’s see, this week the Wheelmobile will be in Ontario, California.  Next week the Wheelmobile will be in Yucaipa, followed by Las Vegas, followed by…Ontario again.”

Maybe I feel like driving the Wheelmobile out of spite for my Wheel of Fortune saga.  They owe me.  Maybe I’ll take the Wheelmobile and escape…just take it and not give it back.  (How possible is it to hide a bright yellow Winnebago with Pat and Vanna’s faces on the side?)


2 comments on “My Dream Car

  1. Karen
    June 20, 2010

    When I was a kid, there was no cooler car than the WienerMobile. Now that I’m older and more worldly, I’d have to say that there’s still no cooler car.

  2. With the exception of the mini-wiener, those seem like they don’t get enough gas mileage for my liking. But I suppose dreams aren’t subject to expensive fuel costs anyway.

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