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Stranger Danger

(This post is a day late.  I went to the gym yesterday at 5:30am, rushed back home to get dressed, made it to work around 7:45, and worked hard all day.  I forgot how much summer orientations and campus tours take out of me.  I left work later than planned, ate dinner, gave Donovan a bath, and fell asleep right where I sat until 4:00am.)

This is post #4 in my Writer’s Block series. For a bit more info, click HERE.

Writer’s Block – Prompt #4: “Describe your first brush with danger.”

Several brushes with danger come to mind (I guess I’ve been in danger more than most people). The FIRST brush with danger, however, is one that I have no memory of because I was around three or four-years-old when it happened…my mother told me the story.

According to my mother, she locked me in the car while she needed to get something from a store. She pulled into some shopping center, parked the car, and told me “Okay, stay in the car. I’ll be right back. Do not open this door for anybody.”

She goes on to tell me that she was in the store, paying for something (some item that she can’t remember but was obviously so much more important than her own flesh-and-blood son). She heard sirens in the distance gradually becoming louder…and then the sirens stopped in the parking lot. She paid for her item, began walking out of the store, and noticed smoke and a fire truck…near the area where she parked.

It turns out that the car she parked next to caught fire. The fire was out by the time she got closer and she told folks that I was still in the car. However, when she looked inside, I was gone. The entire car was empty.  I’m not sure of many of the details, but my mother finally found me with some stranger in a store nearby. This stranger saw that I was in the car next to the one burning, and convinced me to open the door and get out of the car.

My mother likes to tell that story, but I don’t know why. It points to so many things that qualify her for a guest spot on The Jerry Springer Show.  But her story did teach me a valuable lesson…never get into a car with strange women.



One comment on “Stranger Danger

  1. Karen
    June 23, 2010

    I remember when my mom used to leave us in the car while she ran into the store. It was a different world then. And we didn’t mind it because we almost never wanted to go inside with her. That was boring.

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