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My High School Crush

This is post #5 in my Writer’s Block series. For a bit more info, click HERE.

Writer’s Block – Prompt #5: “Write about the most important event or meeting that you’ve ever been late to.”

The word “important” in the prompt above was throwing me off.  I’ve always been pretty good about being on time to meetings and events…especially if they are important events.  I was stuck with having to write about the most important event/meeting that I’ve been late to, and I wasn’t sure how to approach this one.

So I did what every real man does when he doesn’t know what to do….I asked a woman.

I told Tara that I was confused on how to approach this prompt.  She suggested I think of the prompt differently…not to write about being late to a meeting or a class or an event, but something different.  She was right.  So here we go.

Most of you readers who are close to me may already know this story…but I found out recently through the WordPress stats that there are almost 20 of you reading my blog (Who knew?!?!)

Back in the day, high schools in L.A. began at 10th grade (junior high was considered 7th, 8th, and 9th grades).  So when I was in 10th grade, I entered Hamilton High School.  That year I met Salina Gray.  We became friends, and I had my first crush.  Serious crush.  I mean she was IT.  She was a year older than me, but we were on the same level of math, and every once in a while, I’d help her out.

During my junior year (her senior year), we were in the same math class (trig/pre-calc), and so we sat next to each other in the back of the room.  Pretty soon, I began helping her through the class.

Anyway, to make a long story short, she got accepted to Texas A&M University, and after graduation, I knew she would be moving on to her college life out of state.  I wanted to tell her how I felt…maybe ask her out before she left…but I never spoke up.

Graduation day came, and I still said nothing.  The next day, summer vacation began, and I realized not saying anything was eating me up inside.  After HOURS of talking it over in my head, I figured that I’d never see her again, so I might as well just call her up and tell her how I felt.  So that’s what I did.  That night, I called her up, went through a little small talk, and then I finally told her that ever since I met her, I had a huge crush on her.

She paused only a second (it felt like 60 seconds), and then she said “You idiot.  I had a huge crush on you the whole time and I was just waiting for you to say something.”

Looking back on everything, I realized that I had plenty of opportunities to say something.  We saw each other in class every day during her senior year, and I just blew it.

The next year, when I became a senior, I didn’t really learn my lesson.  I did all my homework and projects on time, but when it came to other non-academic things, I didn’t really think about them until it was too late.  I applied to college late, I sort of withdrew from other folk socially, and I almost missed the prom.  I probably SHOULD have missed it because it was terrible.  I had finally worked up the nerve to ask someone out, and she said “Aw Robert, you’re too late.  If you would’ve asked me two weeks ago, I would’ve said yes, but I’m going with someone else.  He goes to college.  He has big shoulders.”

(To this day, I never understood  why she told me that, but by then, I was in the “friend zone” with every girl in the school, so she probably felt okay telling me about her shoulder fetish.)

Anyway, I learned my lesson.  BIG time.  By the time I made it to college (U of R), I was the social butterfly.  I went to every party, I joined every club, I told all kinds of girls that they were the ONE.  My problem was that I went to the exact opposite extreme.

Eventually I balanced things out.  Oh…and eventually Salina Gray returned to L.A. and looked me up back in 1996…

…but maybe I’ll save that one for another blog post.

Leave me a comment…tell me about your first huge crush….or tell me about the biggest event that you were late to.


One comment on “My High School Crush

  1. greengeekgirl
    July 13, 2010

    Great post! I like your use of prompts to get the writing flowing 😀 I hope you write about Salina in 1996!

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