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Five Comments from Michael Donovan

I’m including a new feature on my blog to help focus my writing a bit.  It’s called Five For a Friday and the entire idea is credited to a gentleman from Australia (I think) named Matthew.  His blog can be read at AbodeOneThree and each Friday he writes a post about five items…any five items (five loves, five violent moments in his past, five answers to five questions, etc.)

So in taking my cue from Matthew, here’s my first Five for a Friday.

Five Comments from Donovan.

Most people I talk with about my five-year-old son Donovan know that he’s pretty observant, very articulate, and quite clever.  He’s good for a strange, funny, or insightful comment maybe once per month, and so this post honors his musings and quips by listing my five favorite Donovan comments.

1.     (While watching the movie “Nanny McPhee” with Donovan)
Me:  His name is Mr. Brown just like me.
Donovan:  That’s not right.
Me:  Why not?
Donovan:  Because he’s white…he’s not brown like us.

2.     (After returning from the gym, I took a shower, wrapped the towel around me, and started admiring my arms in the mirror.  Donovan walked past me and started peeing in the toilet…)
Me:  Woo-hoo!  Look at those arms.  My arms are like secret weapons.
Donovan (still peeing in mid-flow):  Yeah, but your belly’s no secret.

3.      (Back in 2008, when John McCain and Barack Obama were battling it out on the presidential campaign trail…)
Me:  Donovan, who would you vote for…Barack Obama or John McCain?
Donovan:  John McCain.
Me:  Really.  Why?
Donovan:  I’ve just always trusted him.

4.      (Describing a kid from school…)
Donovan: He wasn’t black like us.  He was normal.

5.      (As a two-year-old before he was potty-trained…)
Me:   Come on, Donovan, we have to change your diaper.
Donovan (shouting at me):  NO.  You change YOUR diaper!

As an added bonus for reading to the end of this post, I present to you a transcript of a conversation between Mrs. Brown and Donovan while riding in the car back in March of 2009 (thank you to Mrs. Brown for saving this and posting it on her Facebook page):

Donovan:  Mama, do you know what the weirdest sentence in the world to read is?
Mrs. Brown:  Uh, uh. Would you like to tell me?
Donovan:  Yes.
(25 second pause)
Mrs. Brown:  Hey Michael Donovan, do you know what the weirdest sentence in the world to read is?
Donovan:  Hey, I was supposed to tell you.
Mrs. Brown:  Okay, tell me.
Donovan:  Tell you what?
Mrs. Brown:  What’s the weirdest sentence in the world to read?
Donovan:  Let me tell you.
(30 second pause as he counts on his fingers)
Donovan:  The weirdest sentence in the world to read is, I ate at eight.
Mrs. Brown:  Is that right? What makes it the weirdest sentence in the world to read?
Donovan:  The letters make sounds they’re not supposed to make or they all are quiet letters.
Mrs. Brown:  Quiet letters? Do you mean they’re silent?
Donovan:  That’s what I said.
Mrs. Brown:  Tell me more.
Donovan:  Well. The “I” can be like light or lit. Ate and at could be the same. And eight should be i-get.
Mrs. Brown:  Perhaps you’re right.
Donovan:  I know I’m right. I wish I could e-mail it to Daddy.
Mrs. Brown:  We’ll do it when we get home tonight.
Donovan:  That’s a great idea, Mama.
(25 second pause)
Donovan:  Okay, I don’t have anything more to say. We can be quiet until we get to GG’s (his great grandmother). May I listen to Michael Jackson’s “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough”, please? We have the same first name you know.
Mrs. Brown:  Yes, yes I know.


4 comments on “Five Comments from Michael Donovan

  1. Matthew
    July 16, 2010

    I’m flattered that you liked my idea enough to include it on your blog – there’s no higher compliment in my opinion!

    I enjoyed reading your five a great deal and I’ll stop by again. You’re welcome over at my place any time you care to drop in. 🙂

  2. greengeekgirl
    July 17, 2010

    That’s really cute 😀 your son sounds adorable. Not being 100% familiar with your blog (yet! don’t want to read through all of it in one go 😀 then I have to wait for new posts, haha.) I didn’t realize that Donovan was your son until further down the post–which made for some funny reading!

  3. scientia13
    July 31, 2010

    My stomach hurts today…working out, laughing. This post added a little more pleasurable pain to it.

  4. robertdaylin
    July 31, 2010

    Just consider my blog your warm down.

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