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Good Idea, Bad Idea

Good Idea:
Going to the gym to exercise.

Bad Idea:
Exercising by doing laps in an Olympic-sized pool when you haven’t been swimming in years AND you’re not a great swimmer to begin with.

Everyone talks about the benefits of swimming as exercise (and by everyone I mean both people who routinely talk with me).  They talk of the great job it does exercising the entire body, and because I want my entire body in shape, I decided to swim.  Like most things I do, I went a bit overboard with the swimming.  My thinking went something like this:  What’s the point in trying out swimming for a few minutes to see how it feels, when doing SEVERAL laps would get me in shape QUICKER?

That was back on the morning of July 5.  I am still in pain.  I must have injured myself in some freakish way because I get this blazingly painful blow to my back whenever I do simple things that I previously took for granted (like standing…or sitting…or thinking too hard).

Get this…I have even resorted to taking ibuprofen on a daily basis.  (Those who have known me for years understand that this is a big deal because I never learned how to swallow pills, and so everything gets chewed.)

I’m in some serious pain.  I now bring ibuprofen to work in my lunch everyday along with a multi-vitamin (chewable), extra vitamin C (chewable), and some (chewable) Fiber Choice tablets the size of half-dollars.  (Ahhh, fiber…nature’s broom.)

I’m getting old.

I just realized that in only 3 months I’ll be a dozen years away from my 50th birthday!

Here are my symptoms of early aging:

  • I now have a bad back and fiber supplements.
  • I now write blog postings about my bad back and fiber supplements.
  • I found my first gray hair (but it’s a pubic hair, so most people won’t notice it).
  • On my commute to and from work, my listening enjoyment includes NPR, sports radio, talk show podcasts, or the oldies station.
  • I’ve caught myself using phrases like “We sure did get a lot of roses this summer…” or “When I was your age…” or “What the hell is a lady gaga?”

Somehow today’s blog post took a left turn into my increasing age when it all started with my good idea/bad idea.  I’m thinking of making this good idea/bad idea an occasional category here on the blog.  I’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, check out this “Good idea/Bad idea” video clip from one of my favorite ‘90s cartoons.



4 comments on “Good Idea, Bad Idea

  1. scientia13
    July 20, 2010

    Yeah…since when did you get hurt by “sleeping wrong.” How far into age-induced dementia do you have to be to do the one thing (that comes in second place on the list of things that come naturally) so wrong that it causes you pain?

    Ah, one’s thirties…

  2. Matthew
    July 22, 2010

    I think the jury may still be out on what a Lady Gaga actually is…..

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  4. Olga G
    September 15, 2010

    you had me at “what the hell is a lady gaga” – I’m a follower now! Please DO make this Bad idea/good idea a category!!

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