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Five for a Friday #2: Blue-Eyed Soul

Today’s Five for a Friday:

Five of My Favorite Blue-Eyed Soul Artists

The moniker blue-eyed soul was used decades ago with white singers who tried their hand at ’60s and ’70s soul/R&B.  From what I understand, this was done primarily for crossover purposes (taking songs originally recorded by black artists and re-creating them for white audiences who may not have been exposed to black music.) 

Since then, the term has taken on a different meaning.  Now when most folk mention blue-eyed soul, they’re usually referring to white artists who have captured the attention, airtime, and rungs of the black music charts (soul, R&B, gospel).

Anyhow, for today’s Five for a Friday, I decided to list my five favorite blue-eyed soul artists (in no particular order).  Make sure you click the Next Page link at the bottom to move to the next artist.

#1:  Bobby Caldwell
How can I not have Bobby Caldwell on the list?  Wikipedia mentioned that his record label sought to hide the fact that he was white in order to attract black dollars, but for some reason, I always knew he was white when I was younger (I don’t know…maybe I was around family who already knew and brought it to my attention…who knows…)

I posted two Bobby Caldwell songs here: the ever-popular (and still on the radio) “What You Won’t Do for Love” and (for you hip hop heads who are into Common), I included “Open Your Eyes”

…up next…the undisputed Queen of Blue-Eyed Soul…
(click the “page 2” link below)


2 comments on “Five for a Friday #2: Blue-Eyed Soul

  1. scientia13
    July 31, 2010

    Dusty Springfield? No?

  2. scientia13
    August 1, 2010

    Oh, and this isn’t isn’t exactly blue-eyed soul, but I like her as a singer.


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