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Daddy & Me Weekend

Donovan and I had a “Daddy and Me” weekend, spending all day Saturday and Sunday together (or maybe I should refer to it as a “Donovan and Me” weekend because I’m the one writing this post.)



Saturday we ran errands…the bank (to get some cash), the post office (to get some stamps), the car wash (to get…um…a car wash) and to Sonic (to get some milkshakes).  Then we went to Skate Express (a roller rink in Chino) to try out Donovan’s new roller skates (thanks to Granny).

For the first 30-40 minutes, Donovan wouldn’t let go of my hand as we circled the rink.  He was really scared to let go of me…and I guess it makes sense…how quickly do most five-year-olds get used to having wheels on their feet?  Even though I would force myself off of him for a few seconds, he didn’t have enough faith to skate by himself.  When I see the way he learns how to do things, I’m often amazed at how many tasks I take for granted.  Finally, I told him that I would buy him a new video game for his Nintendo DS if he would skate the entire rink by himself.

That did it.  He made it around by himself, and there was no stopping him.  We skated until they closed.


On Sunday, Donovan and I went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  This was definitely one of the BEST trips I’ve ever taken.  Period.  This place is truly incredible.  I had a feeling Donovan would enjoy it (and he did…a lot), but I had no idea how awesome this place is (and I rarely use the word awesome).  It actually inspired awe within me.  It was fun AND educational.  We learned so much about exotic animals and endangered species that I feel we deserve honorary degrees from the Wild Animal Park.  Donovan said his favorite parts of the day were taking the “Journey into Africa” safari ride, and getting the top half of his face painted into a leopard mask.

You can click here to see a slideshow of some of the Wild Animal Park pictures.


One comment on “Daddy & Me Weekend

  1. George Oltmans
    August 31, 2010

    I just wanted to say, as a member of the Zoological society in San Diego, i’m very pleased when people share my passion for animals.

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