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Five for a Friday #6

Today’s Five for a Friday…

Five Favorite Cocktails

#1:  Jack & Coke (no ice)
This has been my “go to” drink for a long time.  Jack Daniels has a distinctive smokiness that pairs with Coke much better than any other whiskey.   Gentleman’s Jack is smoother than regular Jack, so most of the time, I’ll just enjoy the Gentleman’s Jack with a bit of ice.  But the original Jack & Coke is simultaneously simple, easy, smooth, bitter, and sweet.

#2:  The Four Horsemen
Sometimes I’ll ask a bartender to surprise me with something new.  Most of the time, after I give them some ideas of what I’m into, bartenders try to push some over-priced Scotch.  But one night, my wife and I went to Chevy’s Mexican Restaurant and the bartender suggested The Four Horsemen.  It consists of a half-shot each of Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Johnny Walker, and Jose Cuervo (hence the name).  I thought it would be a bit too strong for me.  Woo-wee…it was golden goodness in a glass.

#3: Navan & Cream Soda
I was introduced to Navan by a Fellowman during the 2007 Las Vegas Groove Phi Groove National Conclave.   Up to that point, Jack & Coke was my drink.  But this Fellowman was so confident that we would like it, he brought 5 bottles of Navan to the hotel suite to share with everyone (keep in mind that this drink cost about $40 per bottle at the time).  Suffice it to say…in July 2007, Navan became the official drink of the Los Angeles Graduate Chapter of Groove Phi Groove Social Fellowship, Inc.  Since then, I’ve experimented and found that Navan & cream soda works best for me.  Navan is a liqueur made with Madagascar Vanilla, and the combination of Navan and cream soda makes for a sweet deep vanilla taste.

#4:  An Old-Fashioned
A classic cocktail for folks who want a great whiskey taste without getting hammered.  Because the drink is made with water and sugar, there’s less of the firewater burn you get from whiskey.  It’s a great social drink because it relaxes you slowly (it takes twice as many of these to get you buzzed compared to a Jack & Coke).  I went to a conference in Kansas City, went down to the hotel bar with a colleague, ordered an Old-Fashioned…and then locked eyes with Conan O’Brien.   It was a bit surreal seeing him late in the evening sitting in a hotel lounge in Kansas City on a Monday night…so whenever I have an Old-Fashioned, I (unfortunately) think of Conan O’Brien…some weird Pavlovian reaction I guess.

#5:  Duck Fart
The Duck Fart (or, more appropriately, the Alaskan Duck Fart) is just something you have to try.  It’s made of Kahlua, Bailey’s, and whiskey.  It takes a skilled bartender to make one because the three ingredients are not supposed to be mixed together…they’re supposed to be layered (a tricky feat to get just right).  A half-shot of Kahlua goes in first.  Next, you layer a half-shot of Bailey’s right on top of it so it sits on the Kahlua without blending into a cloudy mess.  Finally you float a half-shot or so of whiskey on top of the whole thing.  If you do it right, you’ll see the three ingredients layered nicely (kinda like those pudding parfaits sold at KFC.)  Drink it all in one shot…mmmmm….duck fart….


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