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Evening Conversations with Donovan

I’ve developed the habit of immediately writing down some of my favorite conversations with Donovan.  For a five-year-old (almost six), he’s more clever than I give him credit for, and he cracks me up with his humor.  Many of those conversations happen at night, and below are three conversations that happened within the past seven days.

Conversation #1: Last week
ME:  Donovan, go to bed.
DONOVAN:  But I don’t want to go to bed.
ME:  Donovan, put that down and go to bed!
DONOVAN:  Dad, have you ever…
ME:  Donovan, just go to bed.
DONOVAN:  Can I play with your iPod?
ME:  No Donovan.  Go to bed.
DONOVAN:  But I want to ask you something.
ME (heavy sigh):  Okay what is it?
DONOVAN:  Do you have trouble sleeping?
ME:  Yes, sometimes.
DONOVAN:  Maybe you should get a Tempur-Pedic mattress.  I think that will help you.
ME:  Donovan go to bed!

Conversation #2: Two nights ago
We bought Donovan some bathtub crayons so he could draw on the walls while taking a bath.  A couple nights ago, while giving him a bath, he wanted to play one of his made up games called Pictionary Dictionary…one person would draw a picture and the other would not just name the picture, but give the definition of the word (a very clever game for a 5-year-old to create). I drew a tree, and his response was “It’s a tree. It carries apples and leaves.”
Then he drew his picture. This is the conversation that followed:
DONOVAN: So what is it?
ME: It’s the sun.
DONOVAN: What is the sun?
ME: It’s a really big star in our galaxy about 93 million miles away.
DONOVAN:  How big is it?
ME:  Um…as big as my love for you.
DONOVAN:  Awwww Dad.  You can’t say that stuff around my friends because it’s embarrassing, so you shouldn’t practice saying it.

Conversation #3: Last night
ME:  Donovan go to bed.
DONOVAN:  But I want…
ME:  Uh-uh.  You’re going to bed. 
(I turn the lights off, close the door, and walk down the hallway.  Donovan opens the door and follows me.)
DONOVAN:  But Dad, I was just trying to tell you something.
ME (heavy sigh):  Alright Donovan…you have 60 seconds.  Go.
DONOVAN:  Sometimes I just get real mad.
ME:  I know Donovan.
DONOVAN:  When I get mad, it feels like a deflated ball.
ME:  What do you mean?
DONOVAN:  Like air goes in and it gets bigger and bigger.
ME:  You mean inflated…like blowing up a balloon.
DONOVAN:  Yeah. 
ME:  So how does your anger feel like an inflated balloon?
DONOVAN:  When I get mad, the balloon gets bigger and bigger.  And when I cry, it pops.  And when I’m happy, it goes down like this….Wooooooo.


2 comments on “Evening Conversations with Donovan

  1. Emma @ emmasota
    September 15, 2010

    Ha! Good ones. My 18-month-old is already developing her must-avoid-bedtime tactics. It’s quite amusing, isn’t it? Visiting you from Words of Wisdom!

  2. robertdaylin
    September 15, 2010

    Hi Emma,
    Thanks for visiting. I love the Words of Wisdom site. Hope to see you again.

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