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Five for a Friday #13

Today’s Five for a Friday

Five Things That Still Exist
Even Though
Most People Stopped Using Them

#1:  Video Cassette Rewinders
There are places that still sell these things…for money.  I doubt anyone still owns a VCR, but even if they do…is there still a market for NEW cassette rewinders?  For the price of one rewinder, you can go to your local Walgreen’s drug store and buy a brand new DVD player.  Do you want to see something funny?  Check out this link here and read the comments.  Two people left comments about the Kinyo cassette rewinder.  One person gave it only 1 star…the other gave it 5 stars, saying (and I quote) “I have accumulated 3 of these rewinders over the past few years to accompany my VCR’s in my house.” 

#2:  Floppy Disks
Now this one baffles my mind completely.  Let’s say little Sally Sunshine goes to the store to purchase these floppy disks because she wants to store a bunch of data.  A box of 50 floppy disks costs about $20…a two-gigabyte USB flash drive costs $15 and it has an incredible data storage equivalent to 2000 of these floppy disks.  Why carry around 2000 floppy disks when you can carry one of these:


#3:  Dial-up Internet
A long long time ago (approximately 14 years ago), in a town far far away (Pasadena, California), I got a new computer, and a friend of mine decided to give me 6 months of free internet service as a Christmas gift.  I was ecstatic because, up to that point, the internet was this new-fangled thing that all the cool kids talked about, but I had yet to experience.  The internet service provider was Earthlink, and (of course) whenever I wanted to use the dial-up service, I would tie up the phone line.  [This eventually led to my using the internet late at night so as to not wake my roommates…which eventually led to chatrooms full of all the absolutely glorious people that one can find on the internet late at night.]  These days, dial-up service is about as popular as a prom night herpes outbreak…but for some reason, it still exists…and it’s FREE.  For those of us who wax nostalgic for the days of yore (the word yore means “before FiOS, and DSL, and wireless modems”), you can click here to hear what dial-up internet sounded like.  [NOTE:  If you have a free 45 seconds click here to see exactly why dial-up internet sounded the way it did.  TRUST ME…you won’t regret it…] 

#4:  Rolls of 35mm Film
I’m sure that there are photography purists who swear that using film produces much better results than using digital prints.  However, for the 99.274823893289321% of us who are not professional photographers (and yes, that percentage is accurate…or accurate-ish), using actual film is pointless.  Through the wonders of modern technology, a good digital camera (that costs less than $100) has a very important thing that the more chi-chi-froo-froo expensive film-based cameras just don’t have…a delete button.  Although, despite having the power to delete, many people don’t use it…resulting in a culture of youth that is severly lacking in shame, but overabundant in compassionless friends holding the cameras.  See exhibit A.  Which brings me to my last point…

#5:  Common Sense
‘Nuff said.



2 comments on “Five for a Friday #13

  1. Darlene
    November 5, 2010

    Amen to #5! I do still have a VCR, but it’s only because I also have videos! (Which I rarely watch.) If I had that flash bite that looks like a finger, maybe I would not misplace it. “Has anybody seen my finger?”

  2. karen Peterson
    November 5, 2010

    I still have a VCR and I even use it sometimes.

    I do not, however, have a video rewinder.

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