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The Coolest Birthday Party EVER!

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here…so I’m going to try one last time at maintaining these postings.

Yesterday, one of my son’s friends had a birthday party, and I must say that it was probably the best birthday party I’ve EVER attended.  We showed up at 5pm, and were among the first people there (outside of the immediate family).  After an hour or so, people started trickling in until there were probably 50 people total by the end of the night.

And the food….there’s nothing like homemade food.

  • Homemade tortillas and guacomole.
  • Barbecued drumsticks
  • Rice and beans
  • Carne asada
  • Some kind of homemade macaroni and ham salad
  • All kinds of side dishes
  • …and frozen margaritas

The parents wrote in the invitation that there would be a special game.  Around 6 or 6:30, these two guys showed up with a bunch of inflatables.  At first we thought it was one of those typical bouncers at most parties, but when they started inflating these things, we realized it was very different.  It turns out that they were from a company called Lazer Xpress (their website is HERE.)

Anyway…we had a lot of fun…the kids started battling, then they pulled the kids aside and let the adults have at it.

When it began to grow darker, kids moved into the garage where there was a mini “disco” (a strobe light and disco ball attached to the garage ceiling) filled with all kinds of mind-numbing pop music.  Then the piñata came out.

We sang happy birthday three times to celebrate the birthdays of my son’s friend (age 7), his little sister (age 1), and their father (age 40).

We were getting tired and couldn’t stay.  We left as they began opening the gifts at 10pm.

Here are some of the photos.


2 comments on “The Coolest Birthday Party EVER!

  1. Darlene
    May 9, 2011

    So, I’m guessing that the laser guns were really for the dad! Sounds like a great party!

  2. Karen Peterson
    May 10, 2011

    That is one heck of a party! I know what I want to do for MY birthday now!

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