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Time to Get Up

I’m done with people who don’t know the difference between reasons and excuses.  I’m done listening to people complain after failing to plan.  I’m done with keeping quiet and laying dormant. I’m done with the incompentent many succeeding on the backs of the hardworking and patient few. I’m done with the hardworking and patient few who keep allowing the incompentent to succeed.

I’m especially done with the following people:

  • People who never taught or who hate kids or who dropped out of school giving me advice about teaching.
  • People with nothing to say who don’t stop talking.
  • People with something to say who don’t speak up.
  • People who ask me for advice, do the opposite, then ask me to help them clean up their messes.
  • People with no work ethic, no patience, no hustle, and no integrity who wonder why they can’t find work.

I’m done with misguided people who continue to mistake my kindness for weakness.

I’m just done.

Time for me to get up.


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"There is no hip hop manual for growing old...The 22-year-old college grad who used to love the Roots in 1994 never left. He’s just 40 now and has a wife and kids and doesn’t feel like spending all night at a club."

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