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40 by 40 – Retake the Driver’s License Photo in a Tux

One more item has been knocked off my 40 by 40 list.

On Tuesday I went to the DMV in my tuxedo to retake my driver’s license.  Two things immediately struck me…I could still fit the tuxedo (I bought it almost 8 years ago), and I am extremely glad I made an appointment in advance.  Those people without an appointment had to wait a minimum of an hour and a half…standing in line for 90 minutes…at 1pm on a Tuesday afternoon!?!?!

Anyway, I must say that I definitely gussied up the place.  I think I should run errands more often in a tux.  For others, it adds a bit of surrealism to an otherwise mundane setting, and for me it made me feel like James Bond (if only I could order martinis at the DMV).

Here’s an example of the tux I wore (except mine had a slightly smaller bow tie):

I didn’t bring my own camera with me to the DMV because the whole point was to retake the photo on the license.  Looking back now, I wish I would have had my own camera.  The DMV now has these new cameras  with some kind of high-tech facial something-or-other software that finds your head and snaps a tight close-up photo of you from the chin up.  Before my picture was taken, I told the woman why I was  here, and she decided to help me as best as she could.  After the picture was taken, she let me look at it, and there’s a hint of the white collar and a tiny bit of the black jacket, but not much.  It’s mostly face.

The actual license comes in the mail within the next two weeks, so I’ll place a copy here when it arrives.  But for now, I’m adding this challenge to the DONE column.


3 comments on “40 by 40 – Retake the Driver’s License Photo in a Tux

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  2. Karen Peterson
    December 29, 2011

    I wish more people had the guts to do stuff like this.

  3. 1EarthUnited
    December 20, 2012

    great idea, nobody ever prepares for the dmv photo, that’s why they all look like mug shots.

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