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40 by 40 – Morongo Poker Tournament

Another item has been eliminated from the 40 by 40 list!

On Wednesday, I entered a No-Limit Hold’em Tournament at the Casino Morongo.  Every weekday, the casino hosts a 10am tournament and a 7pm tournament, and I figured it would be best to knock it out first thing in the morning.  Here’s a picture of my receipt:

My mother-in-law paid for my entry fee as a Christmas gift, so I was happy about that.  It was a $38 buy-in for 5000 in chips with the option of paying an extra $10 during the tournament for a 5000 add-on.  Plus you get a $5 cash bounty for each player you knock out.  They also offered an extra 1000 in chips to anyone who showed up at least an hour early to play limit games while waiting for the tournament to begin.  I showed up early, played at a $2-$4 limit table and walked away with an extra $60 cash.  I was feeling pretty good.

The tournament began on time, and there were somewhere around 60 players total.  The blinds went up each hour, and time just seems to fly by when you’re losing chips.  I bought the 5000 add-on, and then won a couple of desperately needed hands.  That carried me until the 10-minute break.

After the break, they re-organized tables to make them as full as possible.  As soon as I joined the new table, POW…I won another 3000 chips.  I was feeling this table.  I got a VERY good read on everyone there, and I felt that I could make a really good go at one of the money spots.

Then it happened.

Blinds quickly went up to 1000/2000, and after a couple losing hands, I was sitting on only 8000 in chips.  I told myself that I’m going all-in if I catch a good hand.

I was dealt a King-Queen off-suit and went all-in.  Everybody folded except the really old guy a few seats down from me.  He called me and this is what he had:

I had the King-Queen, he had the 10-Ace.

I thought to myself that I still have a shot with the right flop.  Another guy at the table was rooting for me to double up.  Here was the flop:

The flop came up 10, King, Jack.

Now I’m feeling pretty good.  I could double up, make the old guy the short stack, and then start running this table.  Then came the turn:

The turn came up Ace of Spades!

I couldn’t believe it.  I got myself an Ace-high straight with a flush draw to his two pair.  I was feeling even better.  By now, some of you could see where this is going and you can guess exactly what happened next:

I drowned in the river!

I could not believe it.  The old guy couldn’t believe it either.  The whole table was sure I was about to double up.  When the 10 came up, everybody at the table made this sound….kind of like a collective “Oooh” that caused other folks to look over and check out what happened.

That was it.  I was out.

It was all over for me but it was fun.  I left the casino with an extra $50 in my pocket and it was all good practice for this weekend…New Year’s in Vegas, baby!


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