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40 by 40 – SKYJUMP!

This pic was shot by Mrs. Brown from the landing pad.

Another item can be knocked off the 40-by-40 list, baby!

Last Saturday, on New Year’s Eve 2011, Mrs. Brown and I visited the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino to do the Skyjump (well, I did the jump…Mrs. Brown waited at the landing pad with the camera.)

I was psyched for the jump.  The guy took me to the fitting area and put me in a medium-sized jumpsuit.  I’m 6’0″ and needed a large at least, but I was so psyched I didn’t care.  After they put on the harness, I realized it was so tight I would never have kids again.  Here’s a pic.

I just realized the harness may have squeezed my butt cheeks too that man behind me laughing or smiling?

Anyway, up I went.  When the guy strapped me into the harness, he asked if I was nervous.  I told him no because I was just jazzed and ready to go.  Then the young lady who took me to the elevator asked if I was nervous.  And both of the jump operators at the ledge asked me if I was nervous.  I wasn’t nervous and I just wanted everyone to stop asking me and just let me jump.

Then I was told to step out onto the ledge and it hit me.  I was 108 feet over the landing pad and I was scared.  I mean really scared.  Once I was strapped in, the guy told me that I could jump at anytime…just count to three and jump.  I didn’t move.  I wouldn’t let go of the railing.  So he had a good idea.  He told me to hold onto the straps at my chest, and he’ll hold the cable from behind.  He’ll count to three and just let go of me and I’ll sort of just lean into it.

I uploaded the video from the jump and you can see it right here.  For those of you that are a bit impatient, I jump at 2:21.

Daylin’s Skyjump Video

It wasn’t pretty (especially the landing), but I did it.  Stay tuned for another post with updates from New Year’s in Vegas!


3 comments on “40 by 40 – SKYJUMP!

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  2. Karen Peterson
    January 10, 2012

    So the video is blocked for copyright reasons…

    But I think it’s awesome that you did this. And completely insane. But mostly awesome.

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