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40 by 40 – New Years in Vegas!

Our home away from home for the weekend.

One more item knocked off the 40-by-40 list, baby!  The goal was to celebrate the coming of 2012 in Las Vegas, and that’s what we did baby!  Las Vegas baby!

Okay…here’s what REALLY happened…

I’m sick…really sick.  I didn’t admit it to myself until New Year’s Eve because I didn’t want to be sick in Vegas.  But the truth is that I’ve been sick since November (right after Thanksgiving).  I had three separate bouts with the flu in a span of five weeks, and the persistent coughing has been tearing me up.  I promised myself I would finally go to the doctor, but only after we got back from Vegas.

I went to the doctor a couple days ago (January 3rd), and after the exam and the chest x-ray and the blood work, the doctor’s office confirmed that I have been walking around with both bronchitis AND pneumonia probably since the middle of December.  But during the Vegas trip, I didn’t know any of this.  I just figured I would kill it with alcohol and pain killers.

It didn’t help.

Most of the time during the day, I was sort of okay.  I wouldn’t eat much – maybe one big meal per day.  I psyched myself up for the Skyjump on New Year’s Eve (click here for details on that), and I loved it, but I don’t recommend anyone doing it while feeling ill.

The evenings were the worst because I wasn’t sleeping.  My body was desperately in need of some kind of rest and recovery, but the coughing kept me up.  Mixtures of Mucinex with shots of Jack gave me strange dreams (On Friday night, I dreamt that Sandra Bullock came by on a riding lawn mower to take care of our lawn.)

New Year’s Eve was pretty nice, though.  Instead of standing shoulder to shoulder in the 40-degree evening on the strip, we viewed the fireworks directly from the window in our room.  Check out the view here:

View of the Vegas Fireworks from the Hotel

All in all, it was still a good trip.  Stay tuned for more updates from the 40-by40 list…any guesses which one’s coming up next??


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