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Oh to be 21 Again

Little Bro driving an Expedition-full of 21 year olds.

Last Friday was the 21st birthday of my half-brother DeJon.  I accompanied him (and six of his buddies) to Las Vegas.  My job was to make sure no one got arrested (mission accomplished).  The original plan was to leave Friday around 12:30 in the afternoon.  That got pushed back to 3:30pm.  Then DeJon decided he needed to personally pick up 5 of his 6 friends from their houses in all parts of the Inland Empire.  We ended up leaving at 5pm and didn’t make it to the hotel until about 8:45.

I drove with DeJon’s mom Debbie, Debbie’s boyfriend Dennis, and Dennis’ brother Bruce.  All of the 21 year olds piled into Dennis’ Ford Expedition with DeJon behind the wheel.  We tried to get there as quickly as possible because we had tickets to the Friday night Sin City Club Crawl.  For those of you who love clubs and want to try something fun, the club crawl is the way to go.  You pay one price and get access to four hot spots (and that’s VIP access…no lines, no waiting, walk straight in).  Normally, the price is $65 per person…I got everybody the hookup at $30 each.

Friday night toast at the New York, NY Hotel & Casino

The first stop was a bar called the Coyote Ugly (which was not that great).  But then the night got a lot better as we moved to the next spot.  We then went from Coyote Ugly (in the New York, NY Hotel) to the Rok Nightclub (also in the New York, NY), then over to the Revolution (in the newly redesigned Tropicana Hotel), and finally over to the LAX club (in the Luxor Hotel).  The best spot was most definitely the Revolution.  Really cool spot…a bigger space, three bars, and an outside patio overlooking the pools.

Below are some of the pictures from Friday night (NOTE: some pics were not uploaded to protect the innocent…and the guilty.)

Shot of some of the crowd in the Coyote Ugly (a bar inside the New York, NY Casino)

On the patio of the ROK (a club in the New York, NY casino)

Sin City Club Crawl walk from New York Hotel to the Tropicana Hotel

Mike and DeJon outside of the Club Revolution (inside the Tropicana Hotel)

Me, John, Mike, and DeJon outside of Club Revolution

Crowd shot inside Club Revolution

The Sin City Club Crawl company provided a free PARTY BUS to get us to the LAX nightclub inside the Luxor Hotel.

On Saturday, we played it mostly light and loose.  By the time evening arrived, DeJon and Joe caught up with a guy who gave them VIP access tickets to the Revolution where comedian Kevin Hart was going for an after party.  So DeJon, Joe, and I headed back to the Revolution and went past the VERY long line.

DeJon and Joe getting ready to return to the Revolution on Saturday Night.

We were in the Revolution for a while when they introduced Kevin Hart’s arrival.  The crowd went nuts.  Then the most random thing happened.  The DJ got on the mic and said “Ladies and Gentlemen….Michael Jackson!”  Then this Michael Jackson impersonator perfomed a set of four songs (complete with four costume changes).

"Michael Jackson" arrived to do a set at the Revolution nightclub.

"Michael Jackson" performing "Smooth Criminal"

Kevin Hart did a show that night in Vegas and had his after party at the Revolution.

We checked out of the hotel on time at noon.  Then in the parking garage, DeJon saw two cars of girls drive by.  He stopped them with a “Hey hey hey…where y’all going?”  Turns out they were headed to the pool at the Hard Rock Hotel.  DeJon somehow convinced everybody that we HAD to go to the Hard Rock.

So we went to the Hard Rock.

We should've hit the road at noon on Sunday. What do the guys want to do? Hit the Paradise Pool at the Hard Rock Hotel.

A good time was had by all.  Below are a couple videos from the weekend.

Michael Jackson Impersonator at the Revolution

Joe and DeJon getting dressed for the club


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