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Mate in 17

Last week, I played a match on Gameknot against a higher ranked opponent and it was one of my most well-thought out games ever.  He resigned after the 16th move (because mate was coming on the 17th.)

Here’s the game:

  1. e4         e5
  2. Nc3     Nf6
  3. Bc4      Bc5
  4. a3        a5
  5. Nf3      Ng4
  6. d4        Bb6
  7. h3        Nf6
  8. Nxe5   Qe7
  9. Nd5      Nxd5
  10. Bxd5    c6
  11. Bxf7+   Kd8
  12. Bb3       Kc7
  13. Bf4       d6
  14. Nf7      Rf8
  15. e5        d5
  16. e6+

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