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Five for a Friday #14

Happy 2013.

After considering a host of topics for this first post of the new year, I realized it’s been over 2 years since I wrote a Five for a Friday.  So without further…uh…doo…

Five Things I Discovered in 2012

1. I discovered Spotify


I heard of Spotify early in 2012, but it wasn’t until my birthday weekend in October that a buddy of mine introduced it to me firsthand.  I’m hooked.  For those of you still not in the know, Spotify is a software you download to your computer that allows you to stream music for free (as long as you have an internet connection handy.)  I used to stream music through Pandora, but Spotify is much better.  Pandora is like having radio stations that play music you like.  Spotify is more like having radio stations that play music you like, plus your own iTunes music available through your computer, plus tons of other music to listen to.  You can even listen to an entire album if you wish…or even a single artists’ ENTIRE discography.  Last month, I listened to Bob Marley and the Wailers’ Legend album, followed by Wyatt Cenac’s comedy album, followed by the Jackson 5 Christmas album.


2.  I discovered The Good Greatsby


One beautiful thing about the internet is that technology has made it possible for anyone (including me) to create a blog to post their daily happenings.  The sad thing, though, is that many blogs sound the same because approximately 99.8275628% of them seem to be written by married white women aged 25 to 40 who really really love their kids.  HOWEVER, I occasionally come across a blog that’s a bit different.  I can’t get enough of the writing on The Good Greatsby, a personal blog maintained by humorist Paul Johnson (who also really really loves his kids).


3.  I discovered Homeboy Sandman

homeboy sandman

Approximately 99.8275628% of all hip hop today sucks fat potatoes.  It’s hard to find really good hip hop artists with lyrical skill and a creative style and original content and a magnetic charisma and good music behind them.  However, a friend by the name of Easy16 posted a video on Facebook of an artist named Homeboy Sandman.  I believe in hip hop again.  I don’t know what I love better about Homeboy Sandman…his lyrics, his content, his style or his videos.  To see what I mean, check out this video called Not Really or Illuminati…or better yet, check out what he does with no music in this video HERE.


4.  I discovered Portlandia


There’s a show on the Independent Film Channel called Portlandia.  It’s advertised as a sketch comedy show, but it feels like something…different.  Saturday Night Live is a sketch comedy show….Portlandia is more like what you see after you get drunk and fall asleep with a sketch comedy show playing in the background.  I’m not always sure what I’m watching, and I think it may be funny…but none of that matters because for some reason, I couldn’t stop watching it.


5.  I discovered that kids really do NOT grow up at the blink of an eye.

DSCN3104People have always told me to treasure these moments with Baby Brown because these years will fly by and he’ll be a teenager before I know it.  Well, those people are wronger than a blue 3-dollar bill.  This boy is driving us nuts.  For example, I started writing this blog post earlier this morning.  I continued it when I got home from work hoping to post it soon because a “Five for Friday” post must be posted on Friday.  It’s now 11:38pm and I’m just finishing up because Mr. “The-World-Is-Mine” Baby Brown finally decides to lie down just now.  Yeah he’s cute and everything, but he’s going through these terrible twos something awful.  And I swear we must have gone through some kind of weird time warp in 2012 because this boy’s been two-years-old for about six and a half years now.  So NO…kids do not grow up at the blink of an eye…unless it’s a slow and painfully infected sty-encrusted six and a half year eye blink.


2 comments on “Five for a Friday #14

  1. Rufina
    January 5, 2013

    Funny! I’ll have to check out some of these too. I’m in the dark about Spotify.

  2. josefkul
    January 7, 2013

    Thanks for your input on the Good Greatsby. I checked him out and he is actually great (screw redundancy! I say we call him the Great Greatsby!). I agree with you about finding good dad blogs and the links in your website have certainly helped me in my search for these paternal gems. I’ll have to check out Homeboy Sandman. I actually started tuning out from most of the hip hop world filled with hos, bling, and ultimately no substance many years ago. I used to listen to Deltron 3030 for hours because it finally pulled me out from this rut and if you’re looking for other hip hop that does the same, my wife has introduced me to the The Blue Scholars and they’re fantastic. Keep writing, because I want to keep reading!

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