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Kick Off to Black Music Month – Part 2

So you read HERE about my night June 1st at the jam session with Robert Glasper and Terrace Martin in Leimert Park.

The next night, was all about Digable Planets.

I drove to a music venue in Santa Ana called The Observatory. Very unique venue…large enough for two concerts to happen at the same time. When I arrive, I stand in line behind all these really young kids aged 18, 19, 20. I’m thinking to myself that these kids weren’t even born when Digable Planets hit the airwaves. Turns out, I was in the wrong line. These kids were in line for some wack rappers named Lil’ Gnar and Germ. Don’t know ’em…don’t care.

So I made it to the correct line and made it to the correct stage. Here’s the thing: I love hip hop and I respect the fact that up-and-coming lyricists need to cut their teeth on small stages opening up for larger acts. But I came to see Digable Planets…they had us listening to a DJ warming up the crowd for an hour, and then ANOTHER TWO HOURS of weak lyricists before Digable Planets came on stage.

But we were finally blessed with the DPs and they did a good job. I could listen to Ladybug Mecca all day, Butterfly was his usual smooth self (although age slowed his flow down a bit). But Doodlebug surprised me. Back in the ’90s, Doodlebug was my least favorite of the trio, but on this night, he was the best one. He understood stage presence, delivery, crowd control, and his flow was real tight.

Here are some pics.

Their set leaned toward tracks from Blowout Comb, but they did a version of “Nickel Bags” that was cool. It was a relatively short set, and I drank too much to remember to record. But at the end, I did manage to record “Rebirth of Slick.” I remind you that I was drinking, so I apologize for the sideways video. Just tilt your head 90 degrees and you’ll be alright.


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