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The “50 by 50” List

Years ago, I created a 40 by 40 list (a list of the 40 things to do before my 40th birthday.) Today, I put the finishing touches on my new list–the 50 by 50. This new list feels different than the old list from years ago. This time, I included more travel, more writing, and more food. I also think it’s possible to complete more items on this list. 

At the time of this posting, I’m 46-years-old. My 50th birthday will be on October 30, 2022

Oh yeah…all assistance, advice, and support would be greatly appreciated. If any of you want to help me with any of these, feel free to contact me.

So, here’s the list.

  1. Visit my brother Deon in Japan.
  2. Bury treasure for my sons to find years from now.
  3. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Vegas.
  4. Ride on a zip line.
  5. Have sex in a treehouse.
  6. Own a business.
  7. Donate blood.
  8. Run a 5K race in under 40 minutes.
  9. Play piano in a restaurant or bar.
  10. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  11. Play in a rated USCF (United States Chess Federation) tournament.
  12. Finish my memoir.
  13. Finish my collection of short stories.
  14. Eliminate the credit card debt.
  15. Get a complete physical.
  16. Complete Nanowrimo.
  17. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
  18. Throw myself a birthday party.
  19. Go to my 25-year college reunion.
  20. Fly somewhere first class.
  21. Jump in a taxi, yell “Follow that car,” and see what happens next.
  22. Teach beginning chess to kids.
  23. Bake bread from scratch.
  24. Go on a police ride along.
  25. Pay for a young couple’s dinner at a restaurant.
  26. Find a copy of Ella Minnow Pea in a library and leave $10 with a note rewarding the finder for selecting a good book.
  27. Pick up a random novel in a bookstore or library, read the first paragraph, and do something inspired by what was in that paragraph.
  28. Pay for the meals for the cars behind me in a fast food drive through.
  29. Grow a fruit or vegetable from seed. Water it. Nurture it. Watch it grow. Eat it.
  30. Do a back tuck and a front tuck on a trampoline.
  31. Drive to Vegas, win $1,000, drive home…in one day.
  32. Watch the sunrise and the sunset on the same day.
  33. Cook an entire meal from another culture.
  34. Jog the Golden Gate Bridge.
  35. Start a new family tradition.
  36. Create my own cocktail.
  37. Own an original piece of artwork.
  38. Drive a race car on a race track.
  39. Be a guest speaker or deliver a keynote speech at a function.
  40. Hug three strangers.
  41. Take lessons in boxing, self-defense, or a martial art.
  42. Ride in a helicopter.
  43. Eat at the French Laundry.
  44. Fly somewhere with absolutely no luggage and buy all clothes and toiletries wherever I land.
  45. Make a toast at a wedding of someone I don’t know. 
  46. Take a trip somewhere by train.
  47. Maintain my weight at 200 pounds or less (I’m currently at 220 pounds).
  48. Get a tattoo.
  49. Be a contestant on Wheel of Fortune.
  50. Help three people check off an item on their bucket lists.

Over time, I will post updates and check off the completed items. Check back here often and feel free to leave me comments below.

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